Dominating The New Girl Part 3

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Anabelle Pync lies back as her new Dome ordered and is surprised when the whipped cream is spread over her sensitive tits. Angel Lee laps it up sensually and Anabelle moans in pleasure. Her new protégé is so innocent that she does not even know how to use the vibrator that she is selling. With hesitation she puts the sex toy on her pussy and gasps with delight as her clit is tickled. Angel rubs her vintage nylons and kisses her long legs to enhance the sensation. Her hands sneak beneath the thin fabric and kisses up and down her limbs. Anabelle is in shock by the sensations and Angel unhooks the garter belt and lets the stockings dangle on their own. Her eager mouth goes to Anabelle's high heels and she licks them before pulling the stockings down with her teeth. Anabelle dangles the shoe before Angel pulls the hose off her toes. Whipped cream is carefully licked off her toes and Anabelle moans in bliss. Angel climbs on the sofa and uses Anabelle's shorn stocking to rub her own clit as they rub themselves together. OTHER KEYWORDS-female domination, sensual domination, garters and stockings, pantyhose & stockings, femdom, tit worship, breast licking, nipple licking, vintage stockings, orgasm, masturbation, female masturbation, lesbian, eyeglasses, Anabelle Pync, Annabelle Pync, Angel Lee, blond, blondes, blond, all natural, leg fetish, big tits