ButtFucked and Cream Filled

32,023 5.0

Natalie Mars

American / Las Vegas
32,023 5.0
28:17 min - Aug 27 - .MP4 - 1.26 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Spydr57 Apr 10 2017

Wish that was my cock deep in her.

cl6672 Mar 3 2017

so hot ;)

ukguy72 Oct 17 2016

Amazing and beautiful xxx.

Dunkindonutts deleted Oct 12 2016

You are my perfect dream 😜

stalat92 Mar 6 2017
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Natalie's cum filled ass is a lovely sight to see <3

Natalie Mars Jan 31 2017

Thanks, Huckleberry! <3

TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Mar 27 2017
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Natalie looks so sexy in her fishnets, riding and getting pounded by Kai's dick. She's very vocal throughout, her exclamations of pleasure making the sex even hotter. Switching positions, she bends over the bed and shows off her thick ass. Kai gives her a nice long fuck in doggy, occasionally going balls deep and eliciting a loud moan from Natalie. The final side-fuck position puts Natalie's beautiful face, perky breasts, and bubbly butt all in view while she gets fucked until her eyes roll back. As promised in the title, the video ends on Natalie filled with cum, fingering her incredible asshole.

Natalie Mars Mar 27 2017

Thanks for the great, in depth review! <3

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Excellent video overall, 5/5 "Perfect" in my not-so humble option. The audio and video quality are great throughout. Almost all of the angles chosen for recording are quite good. The preview video available prior to purchase was well-put together, as it is a good indicator of the content present in this video. No complaints, happy customer.

Natalie Mars Jan 13 2017

Thank you very much!, Alluvian! :x

Mossynflossy deleted Dec 25 2017
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Always makes it look like so much fun!

Avlgun May 9 2017
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Beautiful video by a beautiful girl

It's my first self-produced hardcore video! From start to finish, this video is 100% anal sex. I start out by riding my co-star Kai Bailey's big cock, hard and fast, for a good long time. After that we switch to doggy; my ass in the air, he plunges his long dick into my hole and fucks me deep. Next up is a nice side-fuck position in which he fucks my butt relentlessly while squeezing my neck and making my eyes roll back in my head until he cums in my ass, giving me a nice creampie. Yum!
Natalie Mars
American / Las Vegas
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Natalie Mars
American / Las Vegas