Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

GE Trying On Shirts Over My Huge Boobs


Aeryn Elise

American / USA
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I'm going to the movies with some friends and, since you're my boyfriend, I need you to help me pick out something to wear! I have a few of my favorite shirts that I want to show you. I try on my pink tank top first and it's so long I could wear it as a dress! Then I want to show you my purple shirt, because it looks ahhh-mazing on my giant, natural tits. They poke out of the top of my bra and you can see them through my shirt. Next is a red tank top that I bought a few days ago. I love to wear red lipstick, so I thought this shirt would match. I show you how sexy it looks and bend over so you can see my ass in my super short shorts. Last, I try on one of my favorite shirts -- a soft, teal v-neck tee that shows a ton of cleavage! I ask you to come in close to look down my shirt so you can see just how massive my boobs are. I think the teal shirt looks best. Thanks for helping me out! ***Features: Girlfriend Experience, Fashion Show Roleplay, Talking About My Huge Boobs, Bra and Short Shorts, Eye Contact, Giggling, Interaction*** Please Note: This is a non-nude video with lots of dialogue. Enjoy! Don't forget to rate and review!