Becoming Dakota Charms

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Scott really wants to become Dakota so that he can be with her girlfriend, Candle. He has a shady serum that he ordered off the internet and he chugs it down, hoping for the best. As he feels whoozy, he lies down and magically awakens inside Dakota's body. When he, now a she, rises out of Dakota's bed, she does notice the transformation at first. However when she looks in a mirror, she gasps in delight at her new body! Her peppy little voice is a far cry from the once masculine one. Her curvy body is so sexy compared to the hairy, awkward body of before. Girl tits are better than man tits! There is no facial or pussy hair and Dakota never has to shave again. Lacy pink panties adorn her perfect ass and she admires how she looks. When looking for other silky things to wear, she finds a vibrator and decides to test out her new hole. Doesn't everyone want to know what it feels like to have a female orgasm? Starting off slowly, she rubs her little clit and is amazed how much sensation a little nub can have. She wonders if the vibe will feel like jacking off and is excited to test it out on her perky nipples before edging down to her new pussy. A little taste of her natural lube is delicious and it is so wet that she shoves the vibrator in like a dick. Being filled up feels so good and it is so much better to have a female orgasm and she convulses in pleasure. Realizing that this is her chance, she calls Candle so that they can finally play together! OTHER KEYWORDS-vibrator, sex toys, solo masturbation, female masturbation, Dakota Charms, Scott Torvea, orgasms, role play, gender play