CUSTOM: Messy oily fisting/Pee/Prolapse

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4,169 5.0
34:38 min - Jun 21 - .MP4 - 1.95 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Taakuu_del deleted - Top reviewer Mar 12 2017
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this ones for the lovers of the extreme and the kinksters of the this young woman work herself over and see if you can last as long as she did in this film!

Mylene Apr 26 2017


cephelo5 - Top reviewer Feb 18 2017
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Déjà-vu? Almost :P It's a similar vid of "Intense wrist deep anal fisting" back in July 2016 but with a few differences hehe. First, the little surprise, I won't spoil it. Second, the pee part, a little pee teaser with those tiny panties on, then without panties, peeing out the rest hard for almost 30 seconds, while spreading those ass cheeks in doggy. Third, even more oily fisting mess with a bigger oil bottle! And more prolapse and farting and pushing out all the oil. Very, very messy, don't try this at home ;)

Mylene Apr 26 2017

Yeah, this one is dirtier, but I still prefer the first one. ;)

Thank you for sharing c...! It's a custom video consisting of 3 more or less equal parts. The first part isn't messy at all. I have a black bodystocking and a tiny pair of panties on. At the beginning I'm shaking my ass a bit and tell you that I got a surprise for you. After revealing it, I fist my ass in several positions with no panties on making my asshole gape a lot. The second and the third parts of the video are messy. For the 2nd part I move the camera the way you can see my bum and legs till my knees, panties are back on. I spread my ass and start peeing. Panties goes off and I pee the rest. Time to get messier. I grab a 500 ml bottle of oil and squirt it in my asshole. Fisting my ass with oil inside, making it go out, make my asshole prolapse. I add more and more oil and as the bottle is half empty I zoom in. Here's the 3rd part starts. I keep on squirting oil in and out of my asshole, pee some more, fist myself and prolapse. You can hear some nasty farting sounds as I push my asshole out as well. It's a really messy and explicit video, keep it in mind, please