DawnWillow Craigslist Fuck

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898 4.3
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KeiiRoyal27 Aug 28 2016

How many positions and what angles has made in this video before I buy it?
Please respond soon, thank you!

aw1980 Aug 29 2016

Pretty much all from the same frontal angle. It's good, check out the reviews.

kingdave45 Aug 28 2016

loved it

SirNycto Sep 3 2016
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starts off with a great handjob with a lot of groping from the guy theres a lot of people saying not a lot of sex but can you blame the guy dawn gives him the ride of his life and most people probably wont last that long anyways if given the chance so theres that. Great Vid to add to your dawn willow collection and a must have too.

aw1980 Aug 28 2016
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She starts off a little slow at first, kind of nervous. You can tell she's with a stranger. After she relaxes a bit it's full steam ahead, and once she starts riding cock, it's hard not to cum.

captainguitar412 Sep 11 2016
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Awesome Vid! Thoroughly enjoyed this one!

starlord3007 Sep 7 2016
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Not he fucks Dawn, Dawn fucks him
and im jealous about his beard XD

lskippyl deleted - Top reviewer Aug 29 2016
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It was hot. Dawn is gorgeous, both in body and voice. But it's primarily a handjob video (a good one, though), with sex at the end, very little face, one position during sex, and the camera angle doesn't have her breasts in the shot. Might have to pick up the blowjob video that came before it instead, think that might have more of what I'm looking for.

Lifted89 - Top reviewer Aug 29 2016
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It's Dawn Willow's first and only fuck video. After the shyness was overcome the real action started. It would have been nice to be able to see Dawn's face when she was riding but for confidentiality reasons I'm guessing that didn't happen. It shows that Dawn and the stranger are real people.

BoundStrawberry Aug 29 2016
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There is no doubt, that Dawn has a lot of balls (or ovaries lol) to fuck a stranger off Craigslist. Where I'm from, that's just asking for trouble, so watching this was seeing something I'd be terrified to do in real life. Just watching is really enjoyable and admiring that she did it, and this guy is one lucky fucker! You can tell there is nuance to the emotion, the situation, clearly she's nervous who wouldn't be?! but everyone involved is there to see it through and are very pleasant. The build up in the first half or so is all you would expect from a strangers sexual encounter, nerves are all over the place, so there's a lot of time spent working through that, but her sexual ability shines through. She works his cock for all it's worth, shines it with saliva and with gusto, although I'd like to see more of her beautiful face and perhaps a different position, (doggy is my fav) perhaps they didn't know each other quite that well! (key:stranger) For a first CL fuck, this is a great start for Dawn, it's very hot, she rides his cock beautifully her boobs are the star and I love her pussy to pieces and I hope she's eager to please more men because she has a great thing going here. You rock <3 This is the first porn video I've ever purchased, I can say I'm satisfied, and would be happy to see more, for those on the fence, just do it, you'll be cumming back for more! <3 BoundStrawberry

judasjim7 Aug 29 2016
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very little sex and very little face.

pbllyyy Nov 12 2016
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Dawn's first fuck vid! There is a good amount of cock stroking here, but nice surprise ride at the end, as the guy fills up his condom full of cum!

dismember84 Oct 15 2016
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So fucking hot like all of her vids. Very well made and seeing Dawn ride on top will make you cum extremely quickly.

chiggy83 Oct 12 2016
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great sex video!! love the whole anonymous angle

knives0389 Sep 26 2016
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What i wouldnt give to be this guy lol! She is a pro, working the sack while she bounces up and down, and shes so tight she pushes all the air out of the condom!

db2128 Sep 3 2016
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Not hat I was expecting, somewhat disappointing

Kurenai132 Aug 31 2016
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first off, I love dawnwillow... I find her very attractive and a fun person to talk to on cam. sadly, this video was rather depression as far as the topic goes. 13:34mins long and 8+mins was dedicated to a handjob... and another 2-ish mins of actual frontal fucking(no other positions mind you). I don't care that faces were hidden, obviously this is DW but being a "fuck video" there was very little of it. I loved her old videos of all the toys and roleplays, now those where amazing... hopefully... the next video can deliver, only after reading reviews, and hoping for legitimate ones... i'll consider buying it.

bubbahotep - Top reviewer Aug 28 2016
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Came across the video and decided I had to have. The shyness at the beginning builds and it feels really organic. Great stuff and I'll have to get the others.

david8311 Aug 28 2016
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what do i need to say, its dawn willow. thats enough to convince you to buy this. shes the best

evilbetty Aug 28 2016
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Excellent vid for Dawn's first onscreen fuck. She's hot, awesome, has a perfect body and wonderful skills. Perfect lady, wonderful vid.

BanScorpio Aug 28 2016
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mhmhmh1111 Oct 26 2016
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this video is awful..camera angle is such bs..this is a rip off..you will not be happy with this

DawnWillow's first sex video filmed with a Craigslist Encounter FWB : Note this has lots of handjob action, I was very nervous and after seeing his cock grow I just had to get on top. He cums and I just kept on riding him, milking him for every last drop. Front and Reverse Cowgirl positions!