Freebie Tuesday

Bed Too Tiny for Fat Ivy

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Ivy is staying the night at a friend's house. Once it gets late, Fifi shows Ivy the guest bedroom, and then heads off to bed. Ivy looks at the tiny twin bed, confused on how she's going to fit onto it. She tries to make herself comfortable by adjusting her body, but as soon as she does, the bed begins creaking. Her massive body hardly fits the bed, and she quickly realizes that she can't even roll over. She picks up the blanket and struggles to get it over her fat body. Irritated that it doesn't cover her, she flips over and tries to re-adjust. The bed continues to creak with every slight movement, making it sound like it might break at any second. Even rolling to the side doesn't help--her big belly hangs over the edge. After moving back and forth, her fat rolls jiggling with the motion, she realizes that she just doesn't fit. Her thick thighs and huge belly make it impossible to get comfortable; her fat is too wide for the bed and the blanket.