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Custom-In a short form,you catch your step son masturbating over you and after teasing him about it,you give him a hot blow job. Is late morning,but you are s!ep!ng wearing a see-through negligee and no panties.Your step-son comes into your room and start rubbing himself while looking at you and smelling your panties at the same time.He then takes his cock out and start jerking over your face,but you wake up.At first surprised about that,you just tease by telling him "I know your little dicky gets hard when you see me dressed like that".."I noticed how you watch your sexy young mommy when your father isnt at home".Tell him how you had sex with his father and how your panties smell of sex and make him sniff them.After this,make fun of his cock.."I was hoping your cock is bigger,but is just as little as your fathers.Go away!Let me s!eep.I dont wanna see such a small dick again" He refuses. He just remain there stroking and rubbing his dick.Now you get naughty.You wanna see if this little dicky can get any bigger.So you start teasing your step-son with this hot body of yours.Show him your pussy asking "you wanna smell it?or lick it?or fuck it maybe?" He is getting harder and bigger too and mommy gets horny as well now."You are a big boy now,you grow up and I see your dick too.Mommy love a big dick.Your father has a too small cock for me and he last just few minutes.Now I see your cock is bigger than his,but I am curious how much you can last". Then you start giving him a hott blowjob,stopping sometimes just to ask " how good is to have mommys lips around your cock?" you wanna cum for mommy?.After this you wont even wanna have a girlfriend.Mommies knows better than any girl around how to tease their sons.I think you should come every morning to watch me how I s!eepp after your father goes to work." Now give your cum to mommy. He cum all over you face and you send him away .