Fetish Friday

Mother's Milk Makes It All Better



American / England
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Mom just read an article about how breast milk has so many health benefits and stared to get curious. She's home alone so she opens up her robe and starts trying to hand express her milk when she decides to try sucking it out herself. You come home from sports practice to find your mom Jackie with her big tit in her mouth, you're shocked and so is she! Clearly embarrassed, mom tries to cover up her naked breasts and carry on a conversation, like nothing happened. She asks how try outs went, but sadly you didn't make the team. Mom encourages you to keep trying, you'll have a second chance in a few months and that will give you time top improve your performance and make your already fantastic physic even better. You change the subject and mom confesses about her breast milk curiosity, she's surprised to have so much still after all these years! She's read about how some major athletes d r i nk breast milk to enhance their performance... Suddenly she notices you're flushed and hiding your crotch, it's ok son, at your age it's completely natural to get hard when you see bare breasts, even your ow mother's. She asks if you've ever seen breasts lactating and offers to show you what it's like. Mommy opens up her robe and stars and expressing and explains what's going on. She tells you how the more she gets suckled the more milk he'll get, but se doesn't have time to suck her own tits all day... would you like to try some milk? She lets you start suckling her big nipples, it's ok, it's natural bonding between mother and son you know? Plus it's going to improve your athletic performance. You start gulping down mother's milk and she notices you're touching your cock. It's ok sweetie, keep going... mommy likes when you stroke for her. Let mommy make you feel better.