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You look great sucking a BBC maami!

Metallion Aug 29 2016
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Aurora Jolie is the alias of an ebony beauty, who had her porn breakthrough a decade ago, at the age of 18. She was already special in many ways. She possessed a beauty that was rare in an industry, which already by then had eclipsed mainstream Hollywood in terms of attractive female lead characters. She was also a virgin. Hence her status as an all-anal model.

This clip is relatively short and looks like part 1 of a full scene that has yet to be made available in its entirety. The lighting could be better, it´s not in HD, but Aurora´s electrifying allure is undiminished. It´s been a few years since she retired from making scenes for established adult video studios, but she has kept her camgirl career alive ever since. She is slowly beginning to make her own clips, and at the time of writing has made three clips available for purchase on Manyvids. The grainy quality of this 10 minute video adds to the homemade and honest feel of a peek into Aurora´s private life. Her womanly curves and natural bush look electrifying to this reviewer. We can only hope that a sequel is on its way, because this is foreplay at its best. Aurora Jolie remains one of the sexiest women to ever fuck on camera, in my humble opinion. It´s going to be very interesting to see what else she will make available on MV. Full marks from here.

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