Sprained Ankle Chanel Yeoung

7:46 min - Jun 22 - .WMV - 283.69 MB


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After a fall when running, Chanel Yeoung limps cautiously into the living room and coddles her right foot. She slowly removes her sneaker and her white ankle sock compresses the swelling. When she tries to put weight on it she moans in pain before falling back on the sofa. The sock is gingerly removed and simply placing the foot on the ground causes tenderness. In an effort to become comfortable, she tries different positions, but nothing feels right. Crutches are the only thing that will help and she hobbles off to get them. When she returns, she wanders around the room using the crutches, but it is still uncomfortable. Chanel gives up on trying to walk and sits with her leg extended. There won't be any runs in her near future! OTHER KEYWORDS- limp fetish, sneaker fetish, legs, damsel in distress, one leg hopping, one shoe, hopping, one shoe hopping, Chanel Yeoung, leg fetish, calves, calf muscle fetish, DID, runners, athletic shoes, Asian, all natural, sports bra, shorts