A Bachelors Life Chapter 2

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Xalas has decided to hire Soriya as an intern for his multimedia company and her first assignment is to help assist him with a photoshoot. She couldn't believe that her first assignment will be shooting with famous Fetish Model "Lady Trish" and she couldn't help but admire her beauty and sex appeal. The shoot was a success and Lady Trish requested that they should schedule another shoot because she love the both of their professionalism. So Xalas asks Soriya to start packing up the equipment so they could celebrate their success. While she begins packing, Xalas and Lady Trish begin talking about a future shoot. He watches her take off her heels and she notices that he has been looking at her feet the entire shoot. She requested that Xalas helps take off her shoes and meanwhile Soriya is in the backroom on her cellphone trying to get a hold of Ms. Diana and her Boyfriend. Lady Trish is now giving Xalas an amazing footjob with her sweaty bare feet. The both of them are trying to get in a quickie before Soriya notices whats going on in the bedroom between the two.