Ivy Ass Shakes and Belly Rubs

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Ivy smiles at you, her black lingerie showing off her enormous, soft body. She shakes her huge ass from side to side, causing her thick thighs to ripple with each movement. Her soft belly lies on the bed, and her fat rolls fold over one another as she moves her ass. As she moves, she starts to breathe heavy, but keeps jiggling, well aware you're addicted to her fat ass. "It's a lot of work to move all this," she giggles. Exhausted, she rolls to her side and jiggles her soft belly. "Jiggling gets me all hot and exhausted...I guess that's what happens when you're really fat." Her big stomach smacks against her thighs as she shifts the weight in her body. She plunges a finger into her deep bellybutton, and jiggles her stomach by shaking it. The smacks against her stomach cause a wave on her massive belly, and she fans herself off, completely out of breath.