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Rey Lightsaber Fuck

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25,382 5.0
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Gaberiella Mar 15 2017

Love me a start wars girl :P

LuluBunnie Oct 3 2016

fucking love the lightsaber noises XD amazing concept <3

fuckjangostevens deleted Sep 1 2016


Alexo2814 Oct 2 2016
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I love Star Wars, I love her. This purchase was a no brainer.

Michi31 - Top reviewer Apr 12
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This was so hot , made me cum so hard great vids keep them cumming :)

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Lightsaber noises are a little annoying, but Miss Elle makes damn sure to make you hardly notice it. Her face expressions and moans could make you blow your load alone.

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After long fantasizing about Rey, LittleMissElle pulls off the look very well and brings your rey related fantasies to life. Mostly, obviously if rey used a lightsaber to fuck herself the movies would have a lot less content. But overall, super hot video.

JungleStile Dec 2 2017
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OMG!¿! If you like Star Wars and toy fucking... This video is PERFECT!!!

All of LittleMissElle's videos are sexy and genuine and this is no exception.

With the Star Wars role play and her sexy ways and sexy body..! Ummm!!!

If these topics are your thing you will be mightily satisfied! Highly recommended!!

Chubmychode2 Sep 1 2017
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Starwars + fav MV girl = 100% buy this

Mrhappyfacemon - Top reviewer Aug 31 2017
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This video made me a Rey fan haha

uncontrolable Aug 16 2017
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By far the most beautiful and entertaining cosplay dress up video I have ever seen

Spoilhergood Aug 10 2017
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If you are a star wars fan or just like her gorgeous face buy this you wont regret it

Sixpak99 Jun 17 2017
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Awesome cosplay vid. If you like Rey, you will love this video.

Dinofuck May 29 2017
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The quality in this video is great! The costume, make up, and lightsaber just tie it together. My only complaint would have to be the lightsaber sounds, but even then it's not a deal breaker.

StickyXV - Top reviewer May 14 2017
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Every Star Wars fan dreams

LwDoesTx May 4 2017
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You can't call yourself a true Star Wars fan without seeing this vid. She cosplays Rey so well and it's so hott to see Rey fuck herself with a light saber.

daytime_wolf - Top reviewer Apr 11 2017
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Not saying episode 7 was bad, but it definitely wouldn't have hurt to see this part sometime after Rey gets Luke's saber XD

littlefoxscout Dec 2 2016
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If you have an inner geek, you're going to love this. If you have an outer geek, you're going to LOVE this.

D1v3rsRus Dec 1 2016
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Great video! Love the idea behind the video and use of the light saber.

spazum11 - Top reviewer Nov 3 2016
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great video, very sexy. love the costume and accessories. great model, sexy performance

peecee2 - Top reviewer Sep 23 2016
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A convincing Rey and really hot antics! :)

This scavenger fucks a lightsaber then licks off her cum when she's all done! Note: The lightsaber does make lots of noises in this video
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