Fetish Friday

When break ups go wrong

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I met this lady a while back and started having wild freaky Milf sex with her, despite her being married. Against my better judgement yes,, but damn she had a fine ass, She was very seductive. As if she weren't even married to begin with. Trouble is after a while she started getting sloppy. Good dick does cause the senses to go haywire at times. I started getting all these weird phone calls at all hours of the night. Shit was becoming downright annoying, I was ready to call it quits with this one before she caused rifts in my ocean full of fish, Either way I did try to break it off this one day, but things didnt go quite according to plans. That sexy ass ass dress she had on, and those long slender legs....dammit man. I hadda get up in that white pussy one more time. Fuck it. Whats a few silly phone calls, right??