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Jenna and I look like perfect dolls in our lingerie, thigh highs and high heels. Our kisses envelop one another, our tongues flitting against each other. We make out with reckless abandon our legs intertwined like growing vines. But this is about to change. This is my seduction, this is my power play. I grope, kiss and lick all over her body, making her my prey. I start to strip her, and she briefly worships my stocking clad feet once she's removed my shoes. But once she is done with my feet I am all over her. Everything is about her. I peel off more clothing and devour her. I worship her naked foot lapping at her insoles like it was her pussy. The entire time she is rubbing her pussy while I entice her with my mouth on her feet. Finally she reaches into a drawer to bring out a little vibrator to bring her to a stunning climax! xxx Kayla Jane Danger