Crutches in Boots Jeans 2 Leather Pants

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A hot blonde hottie who is wearing jeans and red leather cowgirl boots comes out into her living room in a hurry and twists her ankle good. She goes down immediately and she realizes fast that she has a sprained ankle. She has so much to do and is worried how she will get everything done. She tries to ignore the pain and simply limp around, but it is too great. She ends up hobbling over to a couple of chairs and sits down where she pulls the boot and sock of the ankle she has sprained. It is already swelling up and she doesn't know what to do. Luckily, she still has her crutches in her living room for her last ankle injury. She hops on one foot over to her crutches and grabs them. She then crutches all around the house practicing for what she will need to do. It is hard and the pain is intense, but she gets smoother the more she uses the crutches. That great crutch-click sound is heard with every crutch move she makes. She then thinks aloud that her tight leather pants might be better to help hold her ankle and lessen the pain so she can walk. So, she goes off to change and comes back wearing the tight leather. She tries again to walk and again fails. She then resigns herself to using the crutches even though she doesn't want to. She keeps crutching around her place determined to keep going. She can't let this latest ankle sprain stop her from what she has to get done. Included in this clip: Crutches, Ankle Sprain, Sprained Ankle, Cowgirl Boots, Leather Boots, Leather Pants, Leather Fetish, Jeans, Limping, Crutch Click, Leather, Blondes