HD Spying on School Girl

519 5.0

Momoka Koizumi

American / Hyrule
519 5.0
15:14 min - Aug 29 - .MP4 - 1.25 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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589TJHB Oct 14 2016

Extremely hot video.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Nov 19 2016
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Another incredibly hot vid. I'm a sucker for pink hair XD

Doctor Insano - Top reviewer Nov 25
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WOW!! Momoka nailed it in this vid; I was very impressed with her work! Her makeup is excellent, and color of the wig she uses is lovely and goes perfectly with her outfit she is wearing! I must say the superb choice of the costume for this vid! I enjoyed the camera work as well because it helps heighten voyeuristic tone of this video! I was delighted that the pacing of this vid was just right not to fast and not to slow! I love the toys used in this especially the dildo stand this my first time seeing that type of stand! Which Momoka uses it to significant effect along with her Hitachi, will have you cumming in no time! That is why I'm going to recommend you all give this vid a buy! You won't regret it!

Someone is spying on me while I "study." Momo tends to take these sorts of study breaks. This time I break out my new dildo mount and ride it while completely unaware of being watched. Outfit: Sailor School Uniform HD Gold Tier- This is the third of three HD quality videos for my Chaturbate video contest Keywords: Asian, Amateur, pigtails, Ass, All Natural, Age Play, Asian Goddess, Anime, Asian Princess, Brunette, Big Butts, Bisexual, Cosplay, Costume, Curvy, Cock, College, Dildo Fucking, Daddys Girl, Dildos, Eye Glasses, Exhibitionism, Extreme Close-Ups, Erotic Nude, Fetish, Hitachi, Japanese, Masturbation, Nudity/Naked, Nipple Play, Nipples, Nerdy Girls, Orgasms, Solo Female, Solo Masturbation, Petite, Small tits, School Girl, Stocking, Socks, School Uniform, Toys, Vibrator, Voyeur
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