Sniff Sniff Sniff For Us - HD

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Open those and take a nice long sniff! You are in for such a treat, you have no idea! We are going to tease the living out of you! Look at these huge tits of ours, don't you just love them. Mmmm thats right loser keep jerking that cock of yours. Come sniff these feet bitch. Take a nice long sniff of these feet. We want to fuck you up! Take 2 more hits! Now as you know, there is a catch of course. You don't get to just worship us without making some sort of sacrifice! Go grab a cucumber, you our little loser are going to fuck your ass for us! Oh yes loser, ha you thought this would be easy! Take 3 more hits and fuck that ass of yours while you watch us! Now go send us 100 each loser. Keep fucking that tight little ass of yours. You are so dizzy but everything feels so good! Keep hitting those! Fuck that ass and cum for us! – Sam