Jenna's Bikini Drain - HD

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You couldn’t resist clicking buy on this clip and that’s exactly where you went wrong. I’ve been using your hard earned cash to live this lavish life and just when you thought you escaped, here I am! I’m here looking perfect as ever and you just can’t help yourself. I know you were hoping that in this clip I would take my panties off or my bra. Well if you keep buying my clips, MAYBE I will actually show you something in one of them. Ha, of course I won’t. I don’t need to. You are so gullible. You can’t resist, you try time and again but you can’t. Now go send me a nice fat tribute! If you are really good maybe, I’ll take these panties off. Come here and lick this ass little bitch. Now back up loser, that’s enough! Keep tributing again and again! The happier you keep me; the more rewards you get. I know you love rewards. Now another tribute and Ill pull this string. Good boy. Here we go. Oh no, just kidding loser! You don’t get to see anything, how dumb are you. I already told you that