Nylons Or Your Wife - HD

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Being your wifes best friend, I know that you have a huge nylon fetish. Between us I know you like me, I see the way you look at me. Even your wife has told me that shes seen the way you look at me. To be honest I didnt come here for her like I told you originally. I know my pantyhose drive you nuts; you want me so bad. You want to reach out and run your hand across these stockings. Look at these cute tiny little soles of mine. Im enjoying watching you get so frustrated for me. Go on and touch them, its ok. No one else is here but us. Dont they feel so silky smooth, oh look at you so horny for me! Well I guess its time for me to go now! One last thing, I am going to show everything to her unless you go spoil me right now on my wish list! - Brook