Bucket Head Humiliation - HD

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I really think you have been misbehaving lately. For starters, keep that hand away from that cock. You don’t touch it unless I give you permission. Now you need the following items, pause the video and get: a spanking paddle/hairbrush/belt, secondly I need you to get a big dildo like object, preferably with a suction cup, thirdly I want you to get garden pegs, the kind you use to hang your washing up or any kind of clip. Lastly I want you to get a bucket type item. Lay them all out for me. Now get up and spread those legs for me nice and wide. Are you ready? Haha! I love kicking you in the balls. Now strike yourself 10 times with that belt and I want you to thank me for each one. Let me get a good look at that red ass of yours. Maybe I should rub it better for you… no. In fact, I want you to spread those ass cheeks and fuck that ass of yours. Put it in your throat and get it nice and wet. I want to hear you gag bitch! Now put it right in that tight ass of yours! Now jerk and fuck that