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Now go to this site: http://ss.deviatenow dot com/mailtimer.php and put in your email, my email, upload a few humiliating pictures and set the timer to random.You are so fucked now, I am going to get exactly what I want. Lets see if I cant keep you distracted while that timer runs out. Once that times runs out, I win. I will have everything I need and everyone will see what a pathetic loser you really are! Come and worship my perfection loser. You cant leave until I say so. You must do everything I say. Now come here and worship these perfect tits of mine. You are drooling all over yourself! What a loser! Look at these huge tits of mine, I know you love them! Just think about all the power I have over you and that any minute your life is over! Haha, you are so desperate to turn this off and stop that timer but you cant get enough of these tits of mine! Get that cock nice and hard for me and stroke it. Mmm thats it, faster! FASTER, harder! Mmm yes cum for slave! Hurry before the timer