Impregnation Fantasy Roleplay

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438 5.0
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porkdog - Top reviewer Feb 27 2017
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I'd put a black baby in Jen for promotion benefits anyday.

This is a fun and sexy impregnation fantasy clip. I am a normal everyday girl seeking a new job promotion within my company. The job is a new opening and unfortunately I do not quiet meet all of the criteria. The position is new to the company, in the maternity division to be more specific. I have so many questions and my head is spinning with excitement. To be a part of this study I will need to get pregnant! I am shocked at first but my mind starts opening to the idea and all of the possibilities for a bright new future. My boss tells me that I will need to get pregnant on my own. No, IVF (Invitro Fertilization) it needs to be a natural conception. My boss wants to be a very big part in this new study, so much so even in the most intimate of ways. He actually wants to help me with conception. In his office, today! I am a more than willing participant in every way. So we both decide that now is the perfect time to make a baby. I lean over his desk and he takes me so good from behind. After sometime he ends up cumming nice and deep in me. I hope that I get pregant and this new job opportunity opens up a whole new world for me. Only time will tell... Will you Cum4Jen? What you will experience in this clip: Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Boss/Employee, RP, Nudity, Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Doggy Style, Job Promotion, Conception, Cam Girl, Cam Show, Amateur