Backstage Comforting Candid Chat


Kitzi Klown

Derry, Maine
9:36 min - Aug 29 - .MP4 - 604.97 MB


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this is the snuggling after the sex. what do you like to do after watching my videos? after filming, i like chilling in my snuggly onesie and [***] orange juice. its a comforting way to come back to earth and get out of bossy-britches mode. what comforts you after i've made you eat your own cum, jerk off into my old socks, or other equally disgusting tasks? i know you don't just curl up in a corner and cry about being a sub loser. i made this video to ease you after the high. we're like buddies! we can have a candid chat, just like the aftercare you receive from real-life sessions.
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