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Lonely Princess Belle

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1,875 5.0
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shimipan_oni - Top reviewer Sep 3 2017
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Love all her princess vids! Her moans and wet pussy sounds fill the air wonderfully and the costume looks great on her. Well worth a watch (or two, three..)

Porfi01 - Top reviewer Aug 5 2017
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Love this video! she will not disappoint !!!

Teemo95 Jun 16 2017
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Not gonna lie, she looks like actual disney princess bell and the whole vid is just a perfection from start to finish! i rate 10/10!

normancrowe23 May 4 2017
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Perfect Belle cosplay. Adorable and so so sexy! She's a natural.

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Love this video! If, I was the beast I would never leave you!

rihnavy85 - Top reviewer Aug 7
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This gets a lot of replay. Awesome roleplay. It's so hot watching LCG play with her beautiful bald pussy as Belle.

Exotic_boy - Top reviewer Oct 25 2017
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Pretty good outfit, and near views of her wet pussy , very nice vid

moonman94 deleted - Top reviewer Jun 22 2017
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A wonderful outfit, super cute video !

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Apr 30 2017
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Such a sexy Disney princess. I love the wand action.

Melo00 Nov 7 2016
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This was a very hot video! For the simple fact that she played the role so well! Too hot to pass up!

lenny_1234 Oct 7 2016
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Never have I ever been more proud to be Canadian this girl is absolutely stunning

Jonnyboy27 Sep 29 2016
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She looks so hot in this outfit and even better out of it! Very sexy close ups and dildo fucking. I would be the Beast for this Belle any day! <3

Princess Belle is so lonely without her beast. She's so horny and gets so wet when she thinks about him. She gets comfy on her bed and uses her wands. You can hear how wet she is. At the very end she takes off her fancy dress.