Freebie Tuesday

Samantha Grace's Control JOI

13:17 min - Sep 28 - .WMV - 488.73 MB


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It looks like your hands are wandering in your pants and you did not ask permission. That is a little rude because I should be in control of whether you cum. You are going to have to wait till I give you the go ahead and cum only when I say so. Take a look at this mini skirt as I bend over. You get a view of my panties and the tease of my long legs. When I caress my large tits, it drives you nuts knowing that you cannot have a release  yet. Just keep pulling on that cock and get you to the edge as I take the straps off the bra. I tease and deny you the joy of looking at my nipples. They are massaged and then when you think you cannot take anymore, I show you the perfect tits. The skirt is shimmied off and my sexy full back panties hug my perfect, round ass. It would be better to take them off but you only get to see it during the cum countdown as a reward for waiting. Get the perfect stroke because you have to perform when I say so. Funny how the tides have turn and you are doing exactly what I want. No more looking for you! OTHER KEYWORDS- JOI, dirty talk, orgasm denial, stripping, striptease, masturbation instruction, masturbation encouragement, tease and denial, female domination, femdom, Samantha Grace, brunette, long hair, denim skirt, breast massage, GND, girl next door