Stay The Night Samantha Grace

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The radio station cannot find anyone to make it through the night in the haunted house even though they offer $10,000. Samantha is cocky that she can make it through the night even though she does not have any entertainment such as cell phones. In order to make the night go by faster, she decides to go to bed. As she starts disrobing for bed, she realizes that there are cameras watching her and decides to stay in her clothes. All of a sudden she hears a strange noise and jumps up. Knowing that she is being irrational, she settles down but when she feels a cold hand on her, she starts questioning the logistics. There is no way this can be a prank. Beyond belief, she starts having a conversation with the ghost. He wants her to be more comfortable and the best way to do that is to strip out of her clothes! Without meaning to, her hands remove her jacket despite her will. She struggles to prevent him from taking off her shirt, but the spirit world is stronger than the corporeal world! Samantha flails as he takes off piece by piece of her attire leaving her embarrassed and confused. Off goes her boots, yoga pants, and socks. He pulls her hair and she shrieks in discomfort before pulling off her lingerie. Poor Samantha is completely exposed and the cameras catch her in all of her naked glory. The $10k is not worth it and she runs out in fear! OTHER KEYWORDS-woman following orders, embarassed nude female, embarrassment, struggling leggings, ENF, brunette, long hair, big tits, horror movie, ghost story, humor, humour