Ending You for the Money


Princess Kaelin

American / Las Vegas, NV
13:17 min - Aug 29 - .MP4 - 90.93 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Oh darling, tonight is the night I end our stale marriage. You've obviously noticed that I've got a new boyfriend, and well we need all your money for our new life together, that's why a divorce just won't do. I have here 3 different venoms I'll be injecting you with, bee, scorpion, and spider. Separate just very painful, but together, deadly. Don't worry I'll be here with you until the end, you can watch me get ready for my date, I need some advice anyways. He likes pantyhose just like you! I think I'll wear the one's you bought me! Oh and you won't mind if we fuck in the bed tonight right? Oh so sweet of you darling. We never use condoms and I'm oh so fertile right now, wouldn't that just be crazy, if I got pregnant on the night of your death?