Seducing my daughters boyfriend



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You decide to go to a sex store to buy a dildo for your girlfriend and are surprised to find her MOM working there. She is wearing a pink wig so at first you did not recognize her. Nice dildo choices Mike...oh my daughter did not tell you I work in a lingerie store? I know she is nothing like me, I am not surprised she did not tell you about my job here. You were only just looking at those dildo's and want to buy her perfume? LOL Sure I can ring that up for you... you want it gift wrapped?? How bout I bring it to you after work. No trouble at all. I Show up with my sexy outfit still on and some of my favorite dildos to show you. My daughter does not appreciate you the way she should. I know you were trying to spice things up :) You wanna see that big dildo in action while I suck you? Oh god I do not give a fuck that you are my daughter's boyfriend I am gonna fuck and suck you like you have never been before. I will make you forget all about her