Special Games Dakota Charms

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Featuring Dakota Charms! <BR><BR> Daddy, I was thinking we could play a little game before Mommy gets home. Do you like when I play Peekaboo with my private parts? I have been such a good girl so we can have our play time! Do you like when I tease you with my full back panties as you rub your toy? I can take them off so you can get a closer look. Let me touch you because I know that I am better than Mama. You taught me all of the right tricks! Just be gentle as you go in because you are so big and don't want to hurt me! I only do this with you and nobody else. Those are the rules! It is great having my daddy from behind and on top of me! Fuck your little girl! Daddy, you fill me up with your special juices and I won't tell anyone. OTHER KEYWORDS- Daddy's girl, flashing, striptease, pov sex, dirty talk, age regression, daughter fetish Dakota Charms, green hair, pigtails, ponytails, small breasts, pear shape, family, family affair