Fluttershy gets friendly with a horse

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Emmas Secret Life

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961 5.0
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Worldpeace deleted Aug 31 2016

Hope you get a lifecast stallion toy. Someone buy this beauty of a woman a lifecast dildo

I will definitely use it if someone buys me one!!

Bigtimeperv deleted Aug 31 2016

I would love to see this horse cock in your ass. Wow!

Ha you want to see everything in my ass!

Fethry deleted - Top reviewer Sep 12 2017
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Not into horse fetish myself, I basically bought the video for the outfit and different hairstyle as I hadn't seen Emma in such a video. Didn't disappoint this time either, the facial expressions are amazing.

Thanks so much! The pink wig was fun!

r3kaaa - Top reviewer Aug 31 2016
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one of my favorite videos, hoping to see more of this toy

So glad you liked it! 😘

HD - Hi, im Fluttershy. I have a big secret that I have been hiding from all of my friends here in Equestra. It is no secret that I love all animals but I want to take care of them in every way and give them everything that they want. Even if what the want is sex. I mean what kind of meanie would I be to not let them have something they desire? I noticed my sweet horse friend Equinox has all of these pent up energies and I know just what he needs. I fuck my dear horse friend until we both cum and I even let him fill my pussy up with his hot horsey cum