Sheer Smoke: Caught Outside by Neighbour

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2,909 4.3
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killroy8277 Dec 3 2016
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Not super huge on smoking videos, but anything with Alison in it catches my eye, and this was no exception. Fun little bit of her being cute with a voyeuristic element.

reekhon - Top reviewer Dec 24 2016
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Want to watch a pretty lady blow smoke from a vape, while wearing a see through shirt?
This is the video for you (and everyone else). She has a lot of eye contact in this too and just looks really nice while sitting there.

viceking Dec 29 2017
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Alison vapes outside, her lovely shoulder on display, and her perfect boobs visible under her sheer top. Her beautiful face is always a delight to watch.

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This is just vaping, not smoking. Sorry Lame

Alisonxo Mar 14

If you watched the preview and read the tags you'd know that :) It was pretty self explanatory in the description.

Watch me enjoy smoking on a beautiful afternoon outside with plenty of eye contact and smoke play. I'm wearing a sheer jumper with nothing underneath. I'm a bit worried about people catching me... and eventually my worries came true. Luckily I handled it well and kept on enjoying my smoke.