Awesome anal in diapers

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Diaper lover Rob is in the clinic for a prostate exam. You know, where the doctor shoves his finger up your arse to feel your prostate. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be attended to by a super hot nurse also in diapers. Kari is the most caring nurse ever and she wants to make what could be an uncomfortable experience one of the most pleasurable. After she puts on her latex gloves, she lubes up your cherry bum hole and gently eases her finger into it. It feels kinda nice but it also hurts a teeny bit. Not to worry, nurse Kari is an expert at pleasure. While her finger is moving in your arse hole she strokes your cock. That fees amazing but not a totally awesome as getting your cock sucked while being fingered up the arse! Finally after you can take the exquisite pleasure no more you shoot a massive load of hot sticky cum.