Online Password Fun

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Can you imagine just how much fun it would be handing over all you log in and passwords for everything online. Your social media, your online banking anything that could be well and truly destroyed and tampered with in just one click. You could sit back and watch me take over your life, your accounts. With just a few clicks you could be bankrupt, loans could be applied for even your family could be notified of your secret life. How hard does that make you? So damn hard. I know at the best of times you cannot resist my powerful ways but today I push you, I tease you hard and I lure you down the rabbit hole. You want my control, I excite you like nothing else. Send me it all, let me have some fun at your expense. Open your email, start typing as I tempt you to the dark side. You know it will be fun, so let's do it. Give up control and show me just how devoted you truly are.....