Vacation diaper shock

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Your sexy new girlfriend has taken you on vacation and booked you into a nice hotel room. After showing you the diapers and sissy clothes she insists you are going to wear she undresses and puts on a maternity bra. After all, she is going to be your mommy in every sense of the word. Veronica pushes you onto the bed and strips you. She wipes your cock with wet wipes and gives it a nice long rub up and down showing you how nice she can be. But when you struggle more, she turns nasty and spanks your bare bottom. Finally she prevails and has you diapered and in sissy clothes complete with cute little booties. Now it gets even worse. She insists she breast feed you and then changes your wet diaper. How humiliating. This week she gets even more weird. She has locked the bathroom door and you are desperate to go. Finally you cannot hold on any longer and she watches with AB boy so she makes it up to you by stroking your little willy up and down when she is powdering you. It feels really nice and give you a big stiffy. Next there is a knock at the door. It is room service and they have left a tray with a bowl of mushy food outside. Veronica smiles and brings it in, much to your disgust!. But she is so insistent as she ties a bib on you and spoon feeds you just like a widdle boy. Later on there is another knock on the door and it is room service again - with a bottle of nice warm formula. Your girlfriend is now going to be your full time mommy. She cuddles you on her lap while you have the whole bottle. Then some lovely cuddles and time for your afternoon nap. The first of many. Welcome to your new AB life
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