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Medium Resolution -- Nasty Nannies plot to retain an AB boy Devious nannies Kari and Tina's toilet has broken. They call for a plumber and plan to insist he be their AB and toy. They miss the pizza boy who left after only three months. When the plumber arrives they greet him out of uniform and dressed in suggestively erotic clothes. They give him a very friendly welcome. The plumber plans on dragging out the repair as long as he can. The two disguised nannies walk the unsuspecting plumber through their adult sized nursery to the faulty toilet. The plumber is amazed by all the AB paraphernalia and just wants to get out of there as quickly as possible. While he is working on the toilet cistern the two girls change into their Professional and Strict Nanny uniforms. The two nannies move into the kitchen to boil the jug and make a bottle of milk. They also open a pack of rusks. Back in the nursery the plumber sees the girls have changed not only their dress but their demeanor. They offer him milk and snack but when he sees it is a bottle and rusk he is horrified and struggles with them. The two very strong nannies take on the plumber and strap him to the cot. They undress him and put him in a diaper, plastic pants, top, bonnet and booties. He is told he will be staying in this room for many many months. He is confused and apprehensive After some hours he complains he is hungry. The two mean nannies bring in an adult sized high chair, strap him in, bib him and push mushy food into his mouth. The plumber is very nervous. He gets food all over his bib and top. After chastising him they clean him up, change tops and strap him in the adult sized cot for the night. The plumber eventually falls into a fitful nap. Before dawn the nannies walk in to check on him. They find he has wet his diaper just as they planned. The plumber can't believe he did that but he had no choice because he was restrained in the cot unable to leave. He is soooo embarrassed when the nannies tease him and remove the soggy dipe. Tina wants to be the first to fuck their new AB and sex toy. They undo him and Tina assures him he will enjoy this, which he figures he most certainly will so he is happy to join in. Tina starts sucking on his cock clean and soon it is rock solid and she rides him hard while Kari helps. Once she is satisfied she sucks some more until he cums all over her tits. The smug nannies clean up all the cum and put a fresh diaper and snug, pink footed pajamas on the plumber. He complains he is thirsty so Kari obliges by hopping into the cot with him and breast feeding him until he is full. The plumber is then fastened into the cot for the night again. He struggles but to no avail. He wonders aloud what kind of sick people the nannies are - and how long it will be before he sees the outside world again