Homewrecking Clown

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Kitzi Klown

Derry, Maine
742 5.0
8:37 min - Aug 30 - .MP4 - 546.03 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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maliciousjester - Top reviewer Feb 16 2017
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I've been wanting this video for a long times, since I watched the little preview. Personally got it more of the point of view and dirty talk, rather than the homewrecker scenario. Worth the addition to my addiction.

Don't touch yourself. You're not allowed to jerk your cock to me. It would be considered cheating on your girlfriend. You're trying so hard to be a good man, a family man, one who goes to work and comes home to his wife. You're doing everything right. Don't you dare stroke it to me. No matter how willing and eager I am. No matter how hot I look in my sparkly lingerie. No matter how curious you are- you've never had sex with a clown before, after all. You're not allowed to stroke it to me, no matter how much I beg for your cock, or how tempting I can be when I wiggle my luscious, curvy body.
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