Dad Pays Sitter To Take Sons Virginity



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I've been working as a babysitter for this family for awhile. I look after their son so the husband and wife can go out occasionally. What the wife and son don't know is that sometimes the Daddy pays me extra to give him a blowjob at his work or at their home when they aren't there. So when he called me up the other day I assumed he wanted me to come to his office and take care of his needs. Well it turns out I was wrong. He was offering me even more money than usual to take his son's virginity. He was worried because the boy didn't seem to have much interest in girls yet. I agree to do it. So I am scheduled to come over to their house that evening so the husband can take his wife out for a surprise dinner. After they leave I waste no time in seducing the young man. And he has no hesitation. I think we have both been wanting this. I've seen the way he's been looking at me and I've caught glimpses of him getting out of shower. I strip down for him and tell him to strip for me too. Then I hungrily take his cock in my mouth and suck on it. I ride him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on the futon until he explodes inside of me. It felt great! I can't wait til the next time I am asked to babysit him. (Solo simulated with dildo)
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