Oral Pleasures Dakota Charms

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Dakota and Scott are finishing up the shoot and she is so excited that this time she gets to have oral pleasure. Normally she is the one who is doing all of the work. The only thing she has to do is strip out of her bra and panties, which she does in the cutest way. Scott throws her on the bed and she is eager for the games to commence. His head dives between her legs and she gasps with glee at the expert touch of his tongue. Her hands grasp the sheets as the sensation overtakes her body. He holds her arm down so that she cannot get away from him and that only makes it more intense. Dakota's adorable little nipples are tweaked and groped which sends a lightening rod of excitement through her body. His hands finger fuck her at rapid speed and her tight pussy wraps around him like it is a cock. As she becomes more aroused, her feet wrap around his head pulling him in tighter so she can have MORE, MORE, MORE! Her face and torso flush from the climax and as she calms down, he continues to suck and lick her engorged clit. They are not stopping at one and he keeps going down on her. Dakota wants to give him full access and spreads her legs wide so that her wet pussy is unencumbered. Her tits bounce as they get into a rhythmic dance of climax after climax coursing through her body. OTHER KEYWORDS- pussy licking, pussy worship, boy girl, fingering, Dakota Charms, Scott Torvea, all natural, girl next door. GND