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German / Florida
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Custom Vid- No name used at all. This is a story line of a hot milf going to the mall and a group of teenagers out of school on summer break were staring me down, drooling over my big tits and tight ass in my jeans. They followed me around and finally one had the balls to approach me while his friends stayed back. I know I do look hot and all the young boys with their raging hormones and hard dicks in their pants can't help but to fantasize about fucking my tight pussy or my huge tits. So the one approached and asked me my number. I was creeped out at first but then flattered that a young guy would want my number. He told me he was going to go home and jack off to me. I told him no way and chuckled at him and told him he was too young and his dick was probably too small.! His friends all started laughing at what I said. So I get home and check my phone, and there were a bunch of dick pics he sent me somehow!!!! The t33n must have somehow got my number. I start looking at them and OMG hilarious!!!! Sit down and let me show you just how funny his dick pics were!!! ENJOY!