Tara wetting white pants watching TV



Canadian / Las Vegas
7:25 min - Aug 30 - .WMV - 234.26 MB


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sexy redhead Tara TIed (Tara Rose) is watching TV with a very full bladder and really needs to pee badly but she doesn't want to miss the ending. She tries lying back to relief pressure on her bladder but when she gets up, yello pee starts trickling out into her panties & white pants. She manages to stop it for a second before totally wetting her pants and making a pool of pee on the carpet at her bare foot. It's hard to see the wetness on the white pants (yes, bad move picking those pants) and a lot of her pee trickles down her left leg & front of her legs onto the carpet. Her whole leg/pants is soaking pissy wet but it is hard to see the color change with these pants so I apologise. Tara is very adorable as she struggles to keep her pants dry & she peels them off to give you a nice look at her wet crotch panties & butt! Real female pee desperation & pants wetting videos from ineed2pee