At The End Of Her Rope Jacquelyn Velvets

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If you like rope, you are going to love watching Jacquelyn Velvets bound with lots of it. Her torso is covered above and below her chest with the lower portion wrapping around her upper arms. The curvy waist is cinched to her elbows. Those delectable thighs are pulled together as well as above her knees. Finishing off the bondage ensemble is a tie around her ankles. The skimpy silver bikini emphasizes how deep the ropes dig into her tender flesh. Jackie tries to escape and writhes sensually against the restraints. Her ruby red lips call out for help, but nobody is saving this damsel in distress. All of the exertion causes her to become thirsty and she struggles to get to the glass of water, but it is always just out of reach. There is a bonus feature of her tied without shoes at the end. OTHER KEYWORDS- rope bondage, predicament bondage DID, bikini bondage, blonde, high heels, Jacquelyn Velvets, ponytail