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German / Florida
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Every night after daddy goes to bed we have our special time. The time that mommy comes in your room dressed in a sexy teddy. You look forward to this every night because mommy knows exactly what you need to fall asleep. She knows the special places to touch you. But this time was even more special. Mommy has never done this before. Each night is getting better and better. You know mommy is addicted to your hard young cock that leaks so much precum. This time mommy not only strokes it for you in all the right places, but she put her mouth on you. You wanted her so bad. Mommy wants you too....She is working up to the ultimate night...when you are allowed to penetrate her like daddy used are her new man and mommy needs to milk you every night...and tonight is even better because mommy milks your hard cock right into her mouth!!! ENJOY!