No Hands Mouth Hug

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412 5.0
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EZE083 - Top reviewer May 31 2017
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Wow...this chick;s BJ skills are on point!

As we’re sure you all are aware by now, Raquel’s favorite and most skilled past time is fellatio. One thing she loves doing, is exploring different ways to challenge herself with oral obstacles, and this time she’s decided to shackle her hands into a pair of handcuffs before swallowing down your shaft in giving mouth hugs. Raquel will not use one finger, when pleasing your cock with her lips; not counting on the movements of her stroking fingers to assist. This, is a HANDS FREE ORGASM in it’s entirety, from start to finish. If you thought Raquel was good at making cocks cum, you haven’t seen anything yet until she only uses her tongue and lips to do so