[***] Bodysuit Mind Fuck by Kerri K

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Kerri King

American / US
295 5.0
7:15 min - Sep 18 - .MP4 - 217.83 MB


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slydawg413 - Top reviewer Sep 29 2016
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Kerri is so damn sexy in this vid! Fantastic!

I am your everything. From mind to toe, I own you. Every waking moment is about me, and i'm not afraid to rub it in your face. You watch me sensually sway my body back and forth, teasing you with my sheer thong bodysuit while my soothing verbal direction leads you to the path you need to be on..to keep me happy, which will therefore keep YOU happy. I happily hand over some tasks for you to complete, so that you can show your gratitude, to become the avid worshipper and sub that I know that you can eventually be.