Accountant is pissed at you



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Come in Sir, sit down. There is a problem with your account? I will listen to you and see what I can do. What is the issue? Yes..? Well, I am here for you, right now. What? My colleague - the sexy, good looking one? So you want to make a change to your account but you want a specific colleague because you can trust her and you have spoken to her before and it was somehow magical? Right.. I will tell you something. Susan, that sexy good looking girl, doesn't work here anymore. So you will need to talk to me, the not so sexy, not so good looking girl. Let's see about your problem. Well, yes, I can't do anything for you. Oh yes, my colleague, the sexy one, she could - sadly, she doesn't work here anymore! So she can't help you. Next customer please! Oh, I see. My colleague made you change your account to a single account, without your girlfriend's name on it. Interesting. How does your girlfriend look? Is she sexy? Wears short skirts? Does Susan know? Nono, Susan doesn't work here anymore. She just comes by every once in a while, because she has an affair with the boss here. Yes. Hurts your feelings, right? Well, I don't care. I can't help you with that account. NEXT PLEASE! No, you are an asshole. I don't want to help you. I don't change the rules just a little bit especially for you. Or wait. We double the price of your account at no extra benefits. How does that sound for a change? Here is another idea: We could make you a costumer. If said costumer doesn't leave in 20 seconds, we delete your account. 5..4..3..2...1. That's it. I'll make this very clear to you. Graphically real. Here, this is your account with us. On the table. And this is what happens to it, right now. Unbelievably, the clerk lifts up her skirt, puts one of her dotted high heels on the table and just pisses all over your account from her bare pussy, right in front of you Well, I hope I made myself clear. NEXT PLEASE. You can take this with you: she hands you the soaking wet piss papers... then she continues her work with another client while you can still hear the piss dribble and run to the floor..