After The Club Punishment - HD

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Well, here we are! My bedroom! You pinched my ass in the club so I brought you home. Did you have a good time at the club? Look at you, you are so eager! You are really excited huh, ready for fun! Well here go ahead and tie yourself to the bed here. I am going to strip for you. Let me just bend over so you can see how short this skirt really is! You look like you are getting rather excited! Well, you don't really think a woman of my standard would bring a male of YOUR standard back to my place to fuck? HAHA! You don’t know me do you? Pinching my ass like I’m your property to be touched. Too bad you got that wrong. I've just brought you back here for MY pleasure, certainly NOT what you had in mind. I brought you here to punish you! Now you can’t run away I’m going to whip the shit out of you! I want to teach you a lesson! I deal with idiots like you all the time, most guys have to pay a fee to get this! Idiot! Tell me you are sorry, scream it bitch! I’m not going to let you leave until