Reverse Midas Touch - Jacquelyn Velvets

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Jacquelyn Velvets is so distraught! She asked the magic genie for three wishes and without thinking asked for the Midas Touch. Her clothes are gold and when she tries to eat, it turns to an unappetizing hunk of metal. At this rate she will starve! In a stroke of genius, it dawns on her that she has two more wishes. Using caution, she positions herself in a prayer fashion and earnestly looks upward asking for the genie to give her the reverse Midas touch. A menacing flash of light occurs and she opens one eye to tentatively see what happened. Everything seems ok, and she decides that she can finally get into normal clothes instead of the heavy metal attire. As she touches them, another flash of light indicates that things are not back to normal! Jacquelyn stares down at her cursed hands and sees that her skin is gold. It appears that it is spreading and she frantically strips out of her clothing hoping to slow the process. Unfortunately, each newly exposed body part is already gold. At least she has one more wish and she struggles to return to her praying position only to be hampered with lessening flexibility. She is able to mutter the first part of her wish, but freezes as her lips are transformed into solid gold. Jackie is now a statue forever! OTHER KEYWORDS- transformation fantasies, transformation fetish, struggling, damsel in distress, wet and messy, Jacquelyn Velvets, Jacqueline Velvets, blond, blonde, long hair, peril, statue fetish, DID, big tits, wam, humor, humour, erotic magic, gold fetish