Pokemon: Nurse Joy Lays Eggs

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33,247 4.9
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Worldpeace deleted Aug 31 2016

You are so creative with these movies. "But wait" in the description cracked my up for some reason. You  are an impressive young woman and make me miss living in s.f. 
P.s : i would love to see you perform oral on the stallion toy and some hand and tongue action and dirty talk. Followed by a facial 🍆🐴🤘🏻

princessberpl Sep 7 2016

Make sure to take a look at my custom video options if you're interested in watching something specific. :)

whatastorymark - Top reviewer Sep 7 2016
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If it wasn't for the "Who's That Pokemon?" segment at the end, I would've gone with the dick belonging to Charizard. I take it now it's a yet to be revealed Alolan pokemon, and probably really rare in Nurse Joy's specific region. After all, the Pokemon Center she works in is a Hoenn Region one, judging by the interior at the opening part of the video. That pokemon has a long one, and Joy serves as the best method to hatch eggs. It's certainly more interesting to watch compared to riding around a route on the bike. Also the white stuff I like to think is the White Herb crushed and mixed into a gooey fluid. In all seriousness, this is a really well produced video, the usage of a Pokemon Center in the background was awesome, the cosplay very much on point too, the classic Pokemon game font and text boxes appearing fills me with nostalgia, also the Pokemon Center music. The egg laying was sweet, watching the vagina shoot out the eggs was so satisfying. Even looking at the butthole during this, it stands out despite not laying any eggs. Part 2 looks exciting, but already this video alone is a great merging of hot impregnation, cosplay, and production. It kills all the stupid Pokemon parody stuff from professional porn companies. Brock from the series would love this video too.

princessberpl Sep 7 2016

Oh wow! Thank you so much for the very detailed review. Well done and extra nerdy just like me!! 8-)<3

r3kaaa - Top reviewer Sep 2 2016
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I'm not a fan of Pokemon but holy cow this video vas HOT, very sexy costume, I love this video, well made also with text also, TOP score

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Oh princessberpl your a dream come true! I couldn't tell you how many times I fantasized about nurse joy healing my pokeballs! This video is such a Joy to watch. If you like cosplay, role play and are into toys then this video is a great one to have.

OtakuSin Sep 4 2017
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Loved it. The insertion, the creampie, and the laying was all very hot! Wish it had a bit more lines during the breeding scene.

princessberpl May 11 2017


Noruga May 1 2017
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Super hot vid, love the mess

Youngalex13 Jan 19 2017
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If Pokemon is your thing this is a need to have! If alien insertion is your thing this is a need! If you like both why haven't you purchased this! The close ups are amazing! Her outfit is perfect for the role, the only down side is that you can't be the Pokemon she doing because it was in for a real treat. The creampie was picture perfect. Highly recommend

ntense1 Dec 28 2016
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Fantastic messy creature fun. Loved it!

Mgsmgsmgs Oct 22 2016
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Nice video and original theme.

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Sep 18 2016
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Ive been a huge Pokemon fan my entire life, I can also safely say im a huge fan or Berpl as well! Holy cow, this might be the best video i have ever had the pleasure to watch! Berpl make an extremely sexy nurse Joy and fills the role perfectly, I couldn't think of anyone i would rather see doing this! Trust me this is easily one of the most amazing things you can buy! Show Berpl some love and support and pick up her amazing content such as this video!

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 2 2016
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Excellent sexy, hot Cosplay video! Really cool videogarphy as well, I assume that she uses a green screen? OK now to the hot and sexy stuff. She stays in character as always throughout the video. Deep toy play, and I swear that you can almost explode as she expels each egg. I'm usually not so explicit in my descriptions, but hey, if you're here then you're buying porn for a reason. She's a cutie and really made for this costume play which I love. I'm looking forward to part 2. Oh and no offense to the stunt cock but I hope that you really just cream all over that adorable face. That would be sizzling hot!
I'm so glad that her videos are becoming more popular so she keeps making more.

princessberpl Sep 7 2016

Thank you again MarcB for a great review! I don't want to spoil anything about part 2, but you may just be in luck... ;) Have a lovely day!

jerrylow1992 Sep 26 2016
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I need more of this but maybe you should try to relax your muscles and just use the toy to push the eggs in more frequently. At the beginning, you seem to struggle with the toy probably due to lack of lube and then you managed to keep me entertained until the end. I wish more of this type of content because I like something new rather then same generic scream and porn scenes these days. Keep up with the eye laying, worth my money enough to enjoy it. Thanks!

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